Evaporative air cooler?
There are different kinds of evaporative cooling systems single-stage and two-stage. They are available in various forms like evaporative air coolers, misting fans and misting systems, window and whole room based on its usability and capacity.
Evaporative air cooler which utilizes the natural process of using evaporation to cool the air. They are using a low wattage water pump to circulate water from the water tank on to three cooling pads, which in turn becomes very wet. fan draws air from outside the unit through the damped pads. As it passes through the pads the air is cooled by evaporation.
evaporative cooling

Healthy & Safe Evaporative air cooler

  Suitable for cooling cooling large spaces, be it indoor or outdoor. air coolers are designed for high performance cooling. with rugged, weather resistant body and easy portability, these coolers are suitable for all kinds of large space cooling needs. It unmatched performances comes with promise of low power consumption which is about 10%only of air conditioner of equivalent capacity.